Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crumb-y Old Fish Tacos

My daughter hates it when I announce we're having fish tacos. She does a fair amount of whining and complaining but, being the evil mom that I am, I make them anyway. She has consistantly refused to even taste them...until now!
One thing my daughter does like are Ritz crackers. I am currently out of breadcrumbs so I thought, 'Hmm...wonder what a fish breading with Ritz would be like.'
Delicious and Savanna-approved is what it is.
"It tastes like a chicken nugget, mom!"

So here it is, Ritz Fish Breading
Take a sleeve of Ritz and dump it in the blender. Blend until smooth. Add some lemon and pepper seasoning, dried cilantro and whatever else you feel like adding. Blend again.
Get three bowls similar in size.
In one bowl, put about a cup of flour. The second, whip up a few eggs for a dip. Third bowl, put your Ritz mix in it.
Take about a pound of your favorite fish (I had cod that night because it was on sale. Tilapia is my favorite normally.) Thaw as directed (if frozen).
Drench fillets in the flour then the egg wash then coat in Ritz breading. Add a few tablespoons olive oil to a big pan. Fry the fillets until the flesh flakes with a fork, until the breading is golden brown.

here is a super fast pico de gallo recipe I whipped up.

Four roma tomatoes, chopped.
Two handfulls cilantro, chopped.
A few tablespoons white onion, finely chopped.
A nice big splash of lime juice.
A few shakes of black pepper.
Mix well.

We always use warmed white corn tortillas, a squeeze of La Victoria mild red sauce and a smear of sour cream (or Rubio's white sauce) along with our pico and fish. Kelli has the great Rubio's sauce recipe for fish tacos but I'll leave it up to her to give it you!
Love fish tacos!
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