Friday, June 15, 2012

Made By Me: DIY Cleaning

Are you excited?
I know I am.
So you know how you can make your own laundry soap here.
My next thought was - what do I do about those annoying dryer sheets and fabric softener.
Well...I found it and I am going to share.  YAY!!!

Here is what you do.  Buy some Fabric Softener (your choice of brand and scent) 
and you need a hand towel.  SOAK the hand towel in the fabric softener and then SQUEEZE out all remaining drops.  Hang it over a chair or on a clothesline until COMPLETELY dry.  It takes about three days (yes...three days!)  Once you know it is completely dry, you will then be able to throw it in the dryer and use it just like a dryer sheet.  Use it for about 40-50 loads or a month.  
Then soak it again and do it over again.  And the best thing is that it works!!!

I have another one for you today too!  Make your own bathroom cleaner.  
This was amazing!  I just used it in my bathtub and it works!

What you need: White Distilled Vinegar and blue Dawn (it has to be the blue kind and I used Great Value) and a spray bottle.  You use equal amounts of vinegar and soap.  For my bathtub I used half a cup of each.  You heat up the vinegar in the microwave for about two minutes, place it and the soap in the spray bottle and mix gently.  You then spray the mixture all over, let it sit for a half hour or an hour and then wipe down.  AMAZING!  My faucets haven't shined like this for a very long time.  
I really do love do it yourself projects...and I hope you do too!
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