Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zombie Cake

I was having so much fun with the recipe for butterfinger dough, that I just couldn't stop with chocolate-covered fingers as a dish in themselves.
Since I was destined to make a cake for the Elementary School Halloween Carnival, I thought, "Hey. You know what else I could do with edible fingers? Make them look like they're coming out of a know, zombie-unearthing-itself fashion. That would be awesome!"
Too scary for elementary school kids?
I think not.
Have you seen the garbage parents let their kids watch these days?
So let's get this cake on!
First, find yourself some green apple candy corn.
Yep. Green. Apple.
It gives the peanut butter dough a zippy kid-tastic flavor that grosses parents out but kids will eat it up just because of that fact.
Take an overflowing 1/2 cup of the candy corn
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
and melt them in your microwave for about forty seconds then stir.
Keep going in fifteen seconds bursts until the candy corn is mushed completely into the peanut butter.
Add one to two drops green food coloring just to buff out that awful brown and make these puppies look extra rotten. 
Now, as before, feel your inner-child and play it up.
I did ten fingers, including pinkies and thumbs and there was some leftover for snacking.
To get the awesome curvature of real fingers digging themselves out of a bone-yard, I prepped a rolling pin with some parchment tucked around the curve and some rumpled foil underneath to prevent any actual rolling out of that rolling pin, the tricky little devil.
Place your ghoulish fingers across the pin and cool in the refrigerator.
Not pictured: the two 9x9 chocolate cakes I made.
Forgive the oversight and lack of picture. Someday my recipe blogging will improve, I promise.
Alrighty, get your powdered sugar and a medium bowl. Dump about a cup and half in there and give it a heavy dousing of red and blue food coloring. If you give it enough, it will be almost black.
Rad, right? Black icing? Alright, purplish-black.
but Halloween-y enough for our purposes. 
Now give your cakes a nice drizzle all over. Don't make it pretty. It's Halloween. Make it cReEpY. 
 Ready for the fingers? Make your hand look scary, like this, and use it to guide your finger placement in the top of your cake.
In a smaller bowl, whip up a smaller batch of powdered sugar, this time using green food coloring.
Using a cotton swab, dab the fingernails so these green things look like fingers and not worms. As I was assessing the cake after placement, I realized they could be confused with worms if effort wasn't made to made them look finger-like. So even, if these are the nails of a dead dude, we're gonna stick some gooey zombie blood on them just to be sure. 
Since you have extra green, go ahead and toss it around the cake. It looks good in green, too.
Ladies and gentlebeasts,

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