Sunday, September 9, 2012

SALSA! there anything more rewarding after a season of weeding, watering and waiting than the first haul of ruby, sun-warmed garden tomatoes?
I contend that there is not!
And what, pray tell, is the grandest thing to do with tomatoes?
(other than stuffing them by the forkful into your face drenched in ranch dressing and black pepper)
My favorite season is neither summer, winter, spring or fall but SALSA SEASON!
And a lovely lady by the name of Mrs. Wages has made my salsa obsession oh-so simple.
If you can find it, grab about fifteen of these. They are a hot commodity so make fast work of it!
Following orders on the bag, blanch your 'maters on the stove and follow their hot-tubbing with an ice bath. This will make it so their skin slips off without fuss. It is a rather grotesque task or I would have captured an image of the event. Lots of oozing and warm liquid.
 Core and roughly chop the skinned tomatoes, trying to keep as much of the goo as possible in your pot. Dump in Mrs. Wages salsa mix and follow directions.

 If you are like me, canning the result comes after the first tasting. Which might be an entire batch so repeat steps if necessary so you have something to freeze or jar, if that is what you wish.
This salsa is yummy no matter how you do it.
So do it!
Don't let your tomatoes go to waste in the windowsill! It's a sacriledge to the garden and all that hard work!

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