Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Breakfast Under The Sea

You may be asking yourself what these two vastly different food items have in common.
Fish and pancakes?
Let me assure you, there is nothing 'ew' about it and I'm going to show you how so.

First, a little back-story; getting those all-too important beta-vitamin-omega what-have-yous into a child's diet is like pulling teeth sometimes. I say 'fish for dinner' and my daughter suddenly comes down with a rare cases of full-body heaves. I've done many things with our scaly little underwater friends (or their corpses, to be exact) trying to mask the fish out of the goodness and have found some success. But this one takes the cake...the pancake.
So here is what you're going to do;

Fish-a-licious Pancake-Battered Tilapia

Thaw yourself some Tilapia fillets (or if you're fancy, just yank the fresh ones from the plastic)
About one pound for a family of four.

Whisk yourself up one egg with a dash of water into a lovely egg wash in a shallow dish.

Get about one cup of dry pancake mix, your choice of brand, and toss in about
a tablespoon of Mrs. Dash original seasoning blend

Followed by a around one rounded teaspoon of
dried cilantro.

Mix that up well in a shallow dish, as well.
Give your cooking pan a heavy hit of olive oil and preheat until hot but not scorching.
While your pan is preheating, take the fillets and douse them in the egg wash then toss them around in the pancake mix. Fry for about four minutes each side in the olive oil until the fish flakes and is cooked through.
Light, flavorful and packed with omega-what-nots and other things kids hate.
But they will love the fun flavor of this fish and you will, too!

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