Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scrumptious Sorbet (Unless you like the term 'sherbet' better; then we shall call it Scrumptious Sherbet)

I was recently introduced to a dessert that originated in Texas with no given name, which seems really insensitive considering how shockingly delicious the treat is. So, being of many words and little brain, I have come to the conclusion that no-name Texas dessert will be donned, "Scrumptious Sorbet"*
*see post title for further information
Point of fact, I am snacking on said sorbet as we speak...er, as I write. And really, it is as simple as it is incredible.
Here we go, ladies (and possibly gentleman):

Scrumptious Sorbet

1 package macaroon cookies, crumbled (use a rolling pin and make sure to leave some good ol' chunks)
1 regular sized tub whipped topping
Any flavor sorbet/sherbet, slightly thawed (a combination works best...like raspberry and pineapple or lime and orange, peach and pineapple ((what I am currently licking off the spoon))

Combine whipped topping and cookie crumbles in a large bowl. Press half into the bottom of an 8x8 glass pan or any similar sized dish you have. Take gooey, but not too gooey, sorbet by the heaping spatula-full and slop together your sorbet into a rainbow of deliciousness! The gal that made this for me the first time had spent eons making a spectacular checker-board of four flavors...I am far too lazy to do that but you can if you have the gumption. It gets a little runny around the edges by now so you might want to put it in the freezer for a few minutes and refrigerate the cookie bits and whipped topping while it stiffens back up. Once it is capable of holding the roof, slap on that last half of macaroon goodness and freeze until firm all the way through. (Or, if you are like me, when the edges are firm but the middle still semi-molten.)

No kidding you, this will please a crowd. Double the recipe and fill up a cake pan for a party because it goes fast!
Alas, my favorite part of this recipe...the Wal-mart sneak;
Great Value Brand macaroon cookies; ninety eight cents for an entire package.
Great Value Brand whipped topping; ninety eight cents for a regular size tub.
Great Value Brand Sherbet; two dollars forty four cents for a half gallon, any flavor.
For just over six dollars, you can make a two-flavor knock-out with this scrumptious dessert.

Happy cooking!
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