Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cake Bites

So...a week ago I my very first The Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake.  I know...I can I have just barely had something from this amazing bakery.  I had the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake, wow...that is all I can say.  I have now had their cake bites too.  Wow again.  I know I am really late to the game about the cake bites/cake balls thing...but I really want to make some, they seem very simple.  
So I went onto Pinterest to see if anyone had any copycat things with The Sweet Tooth Fairy.  I found some and I believe that I may have an original recipe for their cupcakes. Don't worry, I will do another post.  I wanted to try and make cake bites.

First - make your cake according to the box directions or if you have an original cake recipe you can use that too.  I went the easy way and used a Devil's Food box cake.  I baked it last night, let it cool and then covered it overnight.  

I then dumped the cake into a bowl and used my fingers and a spoon to crumble it into pieces.

I found this amazing Almond Joy frosting at Walmart.  I thought about making my own chocolate frosting but after finding this I knew it would make amazing cake bites.  Find it.  Buy it.  And the best thing is that you only use about 2/3 of the jar so you can eat the rest of it, I the rest of it. :)

Mix the frosting with your cake crumbles.

You can just make balls using your hands, but I decided to try and use my mini muffin pan.  Stick them in the freezer or fridge.  The process of dipping is much easier if they are frozen or cold.
Dip them in chocolate.  I used Almond Bark and sprinkled coconut on top.  
And I must say they are very good.  Almond Joy Cake Bites.  Enjoy! :)

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