Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TOP SECRET: Super soft hair

I hate drying my hair after a shower. HATE. Here I am freshly clean and smelling great then I have to stick my head under the torture of an appliance that's sole purpose is to blow hot air. Sure, it dries my hair but it also makes my head sweat and didn't I just get out of the friggin' shower???
Enter: my bedroom fan. One day I'm frying my hair with the blow dryer and hating my sweaty head so I decide to stand in front of my big bedroom stand fan as I'm blow-drying. (setting:high)
Sweat-head gone. Hair is drying. And as a bonus to resolving my conundrum...ta-da...the final result was luxuriously soft hair. "Like, seriously" soft hair.
I figured it was a fluke. Maybe I had left conditioner on for a longer or something.
Next day I hot/cold my hair again with the bedroom fan and hair dryer.
Butter-soft hair again.
Me. Likey.
So there you have it; Amy's secret to uber-soft hair - obnoxious hair dryer and bedroom fan set on high.
You're welcome :)
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